About Our Waffles

Belgian cuisine is one of the finest in the world, known for its fresh ingredients, innovative cooking techniques and creativity. The country is famous throughout the world for its beer, chocolate, cheese and, of course, the Belgian waffle…

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The Sabor Belga waffle is an authentic product with an irresistible taste and flavour. It’s a great hand-held snack but you can also enjoy it for breakfast or dessert. It tastes so good that it does not require any toppings but many persons like it also with chocolate, ice-cream, strawberry, Chantilly… toppings.



Sabor Belga waffles are made according to the traditional recipe with fresh and naturals ingredients only. The waffle is round-shaped, based on dough and with a delicious crunch due to the sugar that are added to the dough. Sabor Belga waffles are made with respect for the traditional recipe. There are two base recipes, one is “Without Lactose” and the other one is “100% pure Butter” based on this two base products, Sabor Belga has also developed a range of waffles with different flavours.





Our flavours: Also adapted to Brazilian tastes

Flavours without lactose