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Santa Catarina – Sabor Belga, a company founded by Maria Helena Casemiro, announced today that it is now offering partnerships opportunities nationwide. Sabor Belga offers consumers freshly baked Belgian waffles according to traditional recipe and with fresh ingredients only.



Sabor Belga is the brainchild of Maria Helena Casemiro. She as founded Sabor Belga to produce the unique and famous waffles that have put Belgium on the map. While living in Belgium during 15 years, Helena fell in love with the sweet taste of the so-called ‘Gofre de Liège’, an all-natural product made from fresh ingredients. Upon her recent return to Brazil, she decided to start up a business to promote and sell Belgium’s finest waffle in her home country via partner and supermarkets.

The waffle is famous for its pearls of sugar that melt during cooking and deliver its caramel flavour and vanilla aroma. It is eaten hot, cold, as breakfast or as a snack at all the periods of the day. The dough is made from natural products.

Sabor Belga is the only company in Brazil selling traditional Belgian Waffles with the original imported ingredients. Sabor Belga is looking for partners to sell the waffles in Supermarket, Universities and Schools cantines, Shopping centres, Amusements parks etc. and generate high sales. In Europe the gofre de Liège have a fantastic success in all those areas. It is a perfect business opportunity with no investment, ease of operations and high margins. Indeed, Sabor Belga is a partnership where a partner make profit since the first month of work!




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